A premium smarthome lighting system is sure to enhance the style, comfort and safety of your house. Precisely control your kitchen, home theater, bedroom and hallway lighting for everyday convenience. Illuminate your front porch, driveway, backyard and pool for ambiance and peace of mind. Enjoy intuitive one-touch control with URC touchscreens, remotes, keypads and apps - even voice commands. Turn on interior and exterior lighting with handy one-touch app control and pre-programmed automated scenes.

Walk into a dark house is a thing of the past with Automation Lighting Control. When you arrive home in the evening all you'll need to do is press a single button before you even get out of your car to brighten entrances as well as specific exterior lights.

Create just the right light for any activity or set moods in special areas of your home - all with the touch of a button.

With an occupancy/vacancy sensor which is ideal for rooms where light are often inadvertently left on, such as the bathroom. The sensor automatically turns light on when you enter the room, then turns them off when you leave.