The Smart Hotel Experience

A Smart Hotel

The smart hotel is where service meets sustainability. It’s where comfort, quality and luxury are never compromised.

Our turn-key service allows you to take of control of lights, temperature, TV, music, door locks, drapes and more.

Our solutions integrate directly with roomMaster to bring guest experience to the next level, and keep your staff one step ahead at all times.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Entertainment
  • Guest Experience

Guest Experience

Imagine if your guests could control their entire stay with a single touchscreen. TV, drapes, lighting, room temperature, and music are just the start. Smart Hotel systems can also interface with your front desk, restaurant, minibar, and other services.

Add value to your business by letting your customers interact with your services directly via their mobile App. For example, they can order items, or even make payments instantly by themselves. The more autonomy guests have, the better the experience they receive.